Grandmas baby time

I have been so busy with my grandkids this last nine days I haven’t had time to post.  My daughter will be back on Thursday night late, so I will be back with it again.  I have some great recipes with pictures for the last week or so and will get them shared with everyone soon.

We are looking to get some ice and snow here in the Midwest this weekend so I will have plenty of time to share my last week with everyone.  I have loved every minute of the last nice days with my grandson.  He really is a good baby and hasn’t fused about missing his parents while they are on their honeymoon.

I have been working on a valentines wreath I am excited to share with you.  My sister and I also purchased a silhouette machine a several rolls of vinyl to make signs.  I have so many ideas.  Can’t wait to start.

I took a couple days off of work to stay home, but I had time to decorate the dining room for the residents for the super bowl this weekend.  I want them to experience everything we all do.  Rented a big screen TV for them to watch as long as they can stay wake.  Been putting a lot of super bowl food on the menu this week.  Will share later.

Lovins’ from my oven



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