The weddings over time for the honeymoon, grandma gets baby time

My oldest daughter got married back in September of 2014, but they wanted to wait to go on their honeymoon till it was cold her and they could soak up some sun in Punta Cana.  I was left in charge to guard their most precious property, “Weston” their one year old son.  He is a red headed little angel.

They was waiting for me to get home from work on Wednesday so they could head to St Louis to stay the night, their plane took off at 6:30 Thursday.  The little fella had no idea he was going to be away from mama for 9 whole days.  My daughter cried off and on all day they said, I had to make her leave she was so emotional she wanted to back out.  She has never been away from Weston, me, dad or her sister ever, she’s 27 its time, hit the road I said.  Lol.

He is a perfect child, he drank a cup of milk and a cup of apple juice and went to bed at 9:00, I on the other hand haven’t had babies around for a while, and I didn’t sleep so well.   The second night we face timed Sarah and Travis and Weston was so excited to see them even if it was just a small mommy and daddy, he was just babbling to them, it was so cute.  At bed time they sent a picture I held it up for him to see while we rocked, he would just rub the phone screen.  Babies are so precious.

We are going to have some good play time this weekend, I think all three grandkids are staying the night and we are going to build a tent and watch a Disney movie, Zayden wants to bake some cookies to decorate.  I am so looking forward to a long weekend.

Lovins’ from my oven



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