Super Bowl Week at the nursing home

Each week at the nursing home I plan food, deorations, and puzzles for the dining room around something going on.  Rather it be a holiday, an event,  or just something random that I plan.  This week was all around super bowl.  I decorated the dining room with all football cut outs


The kitchen staff helped prepare different super bowl meal thoughout the week, different things we made were chili dogs, loaded super bowl nachos, boneless wings, and chicken quesadillas with fresh pico de gallo, a gooey chocolate brownie, and chucky applesauce cream salad.  That was a touch down witht the residents.


Our football cupcakes were a big hit, who doesn’t like chocolate frosting loaded with cream cheese?  If you havn’t noticed I am a big pintrest fan.  I spend alot of time working on things to entertain the residents for the week, so while I’m planning I work on a week at a time.


I like the residents to feel like they are a part of a family and family events.  If I am going to be doing something with my family if I can plan events for the residents that are similar I do that.  Everyone should feel wanted and feel their life is normal no matter where they live.


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