What makes me who I am!

I  was raised in the Midwest on a farm.  I have two brother and a sister and you can’t explain to the younger generation that hasn’t lived on  a farm how a bond is formed between kids raised on a farm that can’t be broken.    Building that bond we spent hours playing in mud wholes, hay mounds and build our own club house in the barn.
I married after college and moved to town and started a family.  We have two girls that have no idea what its like to entertain yourself on a farm, they small town girls.
I learned so much as I grew up, some from my parent and other things from grandparent and even learned to make homemade bread for a favorite neighbor lady.    I learned to cook, can and garden from all of them.
My sister and I have the best bond of all, we do most everything together.  We enjoy crafting, we do everything from cutting the wood to painting, sanding and assembling ourselves.    We get our kids involved it go to gather wood, grapevine and going to craft show.

Now another generation has come along.  GRANDKIDS!  They love being part of everything you are doing.  Great beater lickers, curious painters and most of all big mess makers.  I can’t imagine what my life would be without any part of my family, a family that cooks together stays together.
I worked in a car parts factory for 24 years, when the plant closed we all were offered college as part of our settlement package.  I thought well why not, I may be older but I can do it.  I signed up for something that interested me my whole life, culinary arts.  I can proudly say I was on the deans list the whole time.  Loved it!  I opened a small lunch diner, and did that for 7 years until my husband was seriously hurt at work and I decided to stay home with him for a few months.  After he was up and able to take care of himself I had someone contact me about being a certified dietary manager at a nursing home, not really being in my comfort zone I was wanting something to do, I said Yes.  I love it, there is such reward making the residents happy.  I go all out on holidays with food and decorating the dinning room, that’s not my job but I love crafting.   I do cooking classes and craft classes with them.  We even planted a garden in pots to use in the kitchen.  It is so rewarding it makes them happy as well as myself.

I am going to share my crafting and cooking experiences with everyone.

Lovins’ from my oven



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  1. lindaglovinghome · March 4, 2015

    Thanks Julie for sharing your story. You are very fortunate to have such joy in your family history. I grew up in the beautiful country but not on a farm. Although cows, and farm animals were right across the fence. Funny how learning cooking skills never rubbed off on me but all the women in my family cook very well. Guess I was too busy sewing and making doll clothes. I love to craft too. It’s good to step out of our comfort zone to experience the new. One of my motto’s…Everything happens for a reason”. 🙂 Can’t wait to see you will share. Thanks


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