For the love of Green

Not only is green one of my most favorite colors, but this is St. Patrick’s month.  Oh and yes this is my still the Christmas tree up at the nursing home.  I  am decorating it for every holiday this year for something different.  I am a clearance shopper, I picked up green lights and the green burlap rolls after Christmas planning for March 17th.  Today I rounded up a couple residents at the nursing home to help me decorate the dining room, they really do get excited helping, I play music and we talk about what they did when they were younger for St Patrick’s Day.  I get all sorts of stories, from green beer to corn beef to pinching people.  We work together to make the whole room have some sort of Irish decorations.

I am going to do a wreath class with them later in the week that we will hang up on the door to greet everyone to the dining room.  I will post our progress on that later.   Our events for the week include crafts, lots of Irish traditional food, decorating and Irish music.  I am excited.  St Patricks Day means spring is just around the corner.


One comment

  1. lindaglovinghome · March 4, 2015

    Really nice. It’s so nice to hear when people do things for others just for the sake of enjoyment! I want to start a flower arrangement class (of sorts)at our club house for the seniors here. These ladies are a hoot and very young at heart. Nice post!


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