Wine and Wreath Girls Day

Once  a month I plan a day where my mom, sister, niece and my girls get together and make a craft of some sort.  This month we decided to get together on super bowl Sunday and invite some friends so they didn’t have to sit at home with the men and watch the game.  We had nine ladies come and we had a ball, snacking, watching the commericals, chatting, sipping wine and of course make our huge wreaths.

Everyone brought a snack of some sort we had a great selection, I made honey BBQ wings, potato skins, and ribs, we had several dips, meatballs, beer bread, bacon wrapped smokies and an assortment of sweets.  Who could ask for more.  I mixed up a couple different wines coctails with fresh fruit and they could add a splash of white soda if they prefered.

We started with a wire wreath form, pipe cleaners, and the rolls of mesh that seem to come in every color now days.  I purchased red, white, pink, pink and white striped and red and white striped mesh.  Everyone got siccors and cut the mesh in 12 inch long sections till we had all the rolls cut, what a pile we had mesh everywhere.  I thought we would do this in steps so everyone got done at the same time.  Next everyone decided what color they would want their wreath to be and start bundling up four rollls of mesh to a bundle and wrap a pipe cleaner in the middle to attach it to the wreath.  It takes about 4 whole rolls of mesh to make a full wreath. 

We all had a blast and are planning our next craft Sunday.

Lovins’ from my oven



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