The weather outside is frightful, the house is so delightful

Well I can say winter has sure hit the Midwest this week it was -2 degrees this morning I have no clue what the wind chill was.   I am really ready for spring.  I am stiff as a board today, my 7 year old grandson spent the night, and school was cancelled today so he wanted to hang with papa on his day off.  Well, he slept in bed with us, we have a king size bed and he laided so close to my side we both shared one pillow, he got the most part.  Got to love them.

After I get off of work tonight I am going directly home and get back in my pajamas.   My husband will be work second shift so it will be a night of doing whatever I want.  My sister and I have a T-shirt business and have to get a  logo put on about 35 shirts, but putting a transfer on them only take a minute so that will go fast, then I want to work on some ornaments for next year’s craft shows.  We start early and put things in bins and put them in an extra room in my house.

The day after Christmas I went to Walmart for clearance items I bought a couple boxes, large boxes of Styrofoam ball ornaments, tonight I am going to paint mode podge on them and sprinkle them with epson salt or a mixture of cinnamon, allspice and nutmeg.  It will take me a couple days to get the all painted, I just lay them on plastic to dry.  I will put decoration on them and a bow for hanging.  The smell of the cinnamon and spices makes my house smell so good I hate to put them away.  Putting them in a air tight container will enhance the smell so when we get them out at a craft show our area will have a smell to draw people in.  I love the primitive look of the spices on candles, ornaments or whatever you want to cover.   I did this on battery operated candles for my daughter’s wedding and added a burlap ribbon and flower for decoration, when the candled warmed the cinnamon smell filled the room.  AMAZING!

No cooking for me tonight, the week my husbands on seconds I call my free week, no cooking.  I am on day three of my new diet and I will make due eating some steamed vegetables and fresh fruit tonight.

Have a great day and if you in the Midwest, try to stay warm.

Lovens from my oven,



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