Who I am

My name is Julie Sonneborn, I live in Illinois right where Illinois, Iowa and Missouri meet.  You can stand on the banks of the Mississippi and see all three states at one time.  I am a dietary manager, caterer, mom, sister, wife, aunt, and most of all a grandma of three beautiful grandchildren.  I love spending time with all of my family.  I love to cook and do craft with them.

In my blog I am going to share some of the things we do together as a family as well as our favorite recipes.  I think we have some pretty great foods coming from the Midwest.   Our breaded tenderloins are to die for, friends of mine moved to Michigan and are always posting to me to come make tenderloins for them, no one makes them there.  I am going to share my version of tenderloins so they can make their own.   I could go make them on a mini vacation or send them the recipe but I want to share it with everyone and get their ideas.

I want people who are learning to cook as well as experienced home cooks to read my blog, people who love do it yourself crafts, gardeners, movie watchers and people who love the outdoors.  These are all things I love to do with my family.


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