Looking into my plans of 2015

Happy New Year to all!  I hope you and your families have time for fun, reflection and relaxation today. Life is a unique and amazing journey. Here are 5 things to celebrate and think about as you ring in 2015.

You’re alive – Life is unpredictable and scary at times. Always remember how precious it is. Take a moment to appreciate each breath you take and each heartbeat you feel, and smile more often.

You’re here – Celebrate yourself and your accomplishments. Look around; you are the only person that got yourself where you are. You deserve a pat on the back! There’s nobody better qualified to be you than you!

There Are Less Fortunate Out There – Is life hard? Yes. Are there going to be disappointments? Definitely. But it could always be worse! Be thankful for what you have and you can go far.

There’s Always Opportunity – The only person that can make your life better is you. There are opportunities everywhere; you just have to find them! Go take those opportunities!

Happiness Leads to Healthier Lives – Studies show that an active effort to stay positive and happy can benefit physical health. Turn that frown upside down and stay positive!

My goals this year:

  • My Blog-I am going to put my heart and soul into making this blog one that many will want to follow.  I want to share the many wonderful things that go on in the Midwest and my family.
  • The same goal most people try at the beginning of the year, I am going to get healthy, try to lose weight and I am going to exercise.   This is going to be a family project!
  • I am the dietary manager at a local nursing home.   My job there is to monitor diets, order food, direct kitchen staff, and make sure all state regulations are being followed.   I have been putting off getting certified for several months, I need to study and go take a test.  That is my plan for January.
  • I also cater at a local winery; I like to help with people with their wedding planning and catering choices.  Although this last year with a full-time job was a bit much.  There were weekends we had 6 or 7 things going on and with a small staff we were all ready for wedding season to be over.  This year we have set a goal of only taking on 3 wedding a month, after all this is supposed to be for fun.
  • Something we do that I think is relaxing is we craft, the whole family gets involved, and we have decided to do that a bit more this year.  We have put that on the back burner for the last few years due to me being so busy and my sister had kids that were sick when born.
  • My husband and I are in the final stages of purchasing a bit of property in the country, it’s not a lot but it will somewhere for the family to get out and shoot bows and they shoot trap.   My grandson and worn the grass out of my back yard from riding his four wheeler, so that is the first thing to be hauled out there for him to ride with the wind out there.  There is a small barn we are going to fix up into a “man cave” they can make there messes and clean them up themselves.  Looking forward to spending a lot of time there.  I’m hoping that since they got their wish I get some sort of remodel at home for ME.

That pretty much sums up my plans for this next year, now it’s time to put the plan into action.


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