2014 looking back

This year looking back has been exhausting.    So many things that we have done we have done all together, well at least with all the girls.  It has been a wedding planning year.   I have loved every minute of it, I have been in wedding mode day and night.

January- Sarah my oldest daughter is getting married!  Wedding plans begin-the dress, the venue and the beginning of all the fun.   Well honestly we started some of this last year but as we all know not everything goes as planned.   Sarah was due to have a baby a month after she had planned to be married November 2013.  On December 18, 2013 we were blessed with a wonderful little boy, Weston.   Plans we postponed and were full speed ahead in 2014 with wedding planning and baby spoiling.    The dress for the wedding was purchased in 2013 and had arrived fit perfect.  The wedding and reception would be held at the winery by the lake where I did a lot of catering.  Things just kept falling into place.

February brought a bit of a setback, my husband had been ran over by a crane at work in 2013 and after all the surgeries were over we thought, they said he would have to have a couple bones removed and a toe removed.   My husband’s big concern was getting healed so he could walk his daughter down the aisle.   Things went well and in three months he was moving right along.

March and April brought lots of healing for my husband and marathon shopping and crafting for the wedding.  My sister, Janelle, her daughter Bailee and my girls and I spent a lot of time at the local Hobby Lobby, we made all the decorations for the wedding.   I was always dreaming up something else I wanted to do to make it special.

May was the month for the big change in our household.  Our youngest daughter moved out of our house, not that she went far but I was afraid I would have the empty nest feeling and I was afraid.  It actually went very well; my daughter has a 7 year old boy and a year old little girl.  Zayden her son would have a lot of sleep overs with us, it was good for me we did several things just the two of us like read, paint, play in the dirt, plant flowers and most of all cook.  I love having grandkids sleep over and sometimes all three of them stay with us.  We have a big movie overnighter.

June and July were quite the blur; I am a caterer at a local winery which seats about 450 people and I can honestly say I felt like I was there more than I was at home.   Most weeks we catered a wedding on Friday, Saturday and some Sundays, along with that we did rehearsal dinners and class reunions.   Very busy couple of months.  No time for much else.

August was the count down to the wedding, things were all coming together, we planned the food, met with the florist, picked the music, we were just getting the odds and ends tied up.   It was time to take a much need girls trip to the Ozarks in Missouri.  The girls in the wedding party along with some close friends of Sarah’s, my sister, Stephanie and me all headed for a weekend of fun in the sun.  That is all I can say as the saying goes, what goes on at the Ozarks stays in the Ozarks!

September 27 was the big day and what can I say, it was the perfect day.  All the shopping, crafting, working, cooking, laughing and sleepless nights had made for the fairy tale wedding.    The girls that work for me catering and at the nursing home kicked me out of the kitchen that day and pulled the most perfect wedding reception food together that I have seen.  Family and friends help decorate the wedding site and the winery.  It was amazing.

October brought on some much need relaxing, it was time to get back to our monthly girls pampering Saturday.  In October we loaded up our friends and set out to spend the afternoon at different wineries.  We all bring some sort of appetizer and we set out to eat, drink and catch up with what’s going on in each other’s lives.

November and December were all about the kids, getting ready for Christmas, crafting, decorating the yard, baking cookies and putting up the tree. Oh and seeing Santa, the two little ones weren’t so happy to see him no matter what he was going to bring them.  Christmas was so special with the kids.   My Christmas wouldn’t be complete without family, my sister and her family is a part of everything I do in my life, she should be my daughter and her kids my grandkids, but if that were to have been I would of missed out on all the special things we did as we were going up, becoming best friends by choice.

It’s been a great year, am looking forward to 2015 being a year full of a lot of family adventures.


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