Living in the Midwestern farming country

I was raised in the Midwest on a farm.  I have two brother and a sister and you can’t explain to the younger generation that hasn’t lived on  a farm how a bond is formed between kids raised on a farm that can’t be broken.    Building that bond we spent hours playing in mud wholes, hay mounds and build our own club house in the barn.
I married after college and moved to town and started a family.  We have two girls that have no idea what its like to entertain yourself on a farm, they small town girls.
I learned so much as I grew up, some from my parent and other things from grandparent and even learned to make homemade bread for a favorite neighbor lady.    I learned to cook, can and garden from all of them.
My sister and I have the best bond of all, we do most everything together.  We enjoy crafting, we do everything from cutting the wood to painting, sanding and assembling ourselves.    We get our kids involved it go to gather wood, grapevine and going to craft show.

Now another generation has come along.  GRANDKIDS!  They love being part of everything you are doing.  Great beater lickers, curious painters and most of all big mess makers.  I can’t imagine what my life would be without any part of my family, a family that cooks together stays together.


One comment

  1. Oh Happy Confetti · January 4, 2015

    Your childhood at the farm sounds so lovely! I have always wanted to live on a farm or do a farm stay.


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